Use your position at the table to your advantage. You must learn what playstyle is most advantageous in which table position.

Ahead of the Game

The positions in poker are designated according to their closeness to the dealer. The button in online poker stands in for the dealer, and the first three seats to the left of it are the early positions. It’s simple to see why the first row of the auditorium is seldom crowded. It is your turn to make a move if you are the first person to your left of the button. Since you don’t know what cards the other players have, your actions will tell them a lot about you and your hand.

You need to play very tight while in early position due to the difficulty of the situation. If you don’t know the people at the table well enough to feel comfortable being more aggressive, then you should only proceed with powerful hands.

The Central Spot

Even the middle seat, which is a significant improvement over the three “early” seats to the left of the call button, is not ideal. Position in the center of the table gives you an advantage by allowing you to observe the actions of the first three players. The early positions may all fold, leaving you in the position of first to act. Because of this, you may find it more challenging to play from middle position and may want to give some thought to the hands you play.

Tight play is recommended regardless of your place in the poker hierarchy. Tight play can be the safest approach to exploit this player position to your advantage but it might also grow a bit dull. In the beginning, a player should play it cautious, but as they gain experience, they will be able to better judge when they may be more aggressive, even from the middle position.

The late position, second only to the button, is highly sought after because of the significant advantage it provides. Being in late position allows you to see the actions of every player, and sitting near to the button gives you an advantage over the first three players, the middle three players, and the other two late sitters. Knowing poker tells and how to use pot odds can help you the most while playing in late position.

When you have the upper hand in a game, you should react to your opponent based on his moves. If he checks, it may be a sign that he is weak, signaling that you should make a move to win the pot. These fundamental principles concerning the significance of player position are helpful, but practice ultimately trumps theory. Keep in mind your current location before making any decisions and consider it again while assessing the results of your actions.

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